Technological Superiority

Simply put, we are a technology company. We are passionate about helping our customers leverage top-notch technical solutions to make our nation more secure and the world a better place.

To us, technological superiority means nothing less than dominance across the information systems domain. It means maintaining advanced knowledge of the latest technologies and capabilities and how they can impact your mission. It means offering deep experience in migrating legacy systems smoothly and seamlessly to capitalize on powerful and effective emerging technologies.

Most of all, it means bringing diverse technology leadership to bear to solve extremely tough technical challenges.

IT Infrastructure Solutions is known for its:

  • Cutting edge technical skills
  • Internationally recognized subject matter experts
  • Large-scale, enterprise systems experience
  • Technology innovation
  • Process innovation

Technologies include: ecommerce, VOIP, Voice, Data networks, 24/7/365 Data Centers, virtual Call Centers, Cloud Computing, Video, Audio conferencing, MPLS/WAN/LAN/WLAN/VPN,PBX, Router, Switches, Fiber, Mobile, KIOSKs, Infrastructure Technologies: Cisco routers, switches, and VoIP Solutions, OCx/DS3/T1 Pt-to-Pt links, Frame-Relay, MPLS, Metro-E, OSPF, EIGRP and BGP,Network appliances, network monitoring tools, HP tools, Cisco Works Configuration Managers, virtual Call Centers, IVRs. Firewalls, SAN, VM-Ware, Servers, DNS, Active Directory, PC systems, Mobile/wireless solutions, and Disaster Recovery Business resumption.